I remember people and things, as FLASHES of sensory information.

Music – color floods [natural-light related], landscape/sight [vivid stills that flash], and some ambient smells

Architecture – light, awe [I don’t know how else to describe the sense of SPACIAL AMAZEMENT that I experience], texture [MACRO]

Places – texture (visual and tactile), smell and humidity.

I remember people as smells and gestures… There are so many people, each a delicate balance of qualities and surfaces and expressions… Barlow has quite a phenomenal laugh.. . and all I get in my head when I hear the name is a SMELL and a GESTURE. It doesn’t seem like this would describe anything terrifically UNIQUE, but somehow it does.

A recent gesture was probably not even typical for that particular character – I think what threw me off balance was that it was such an atypical gesture for ANYONE… so kitch it was special. I think of a friend and laugh now.

As far as the smells are concerned – describing that is far beyond my mastery of either Russian or English, and actually I would rather keep that to myself. Smells are so personal and private!

Oh, and another thing I noticed while looking for/looking at these photos – I remember EXACTLY the context of each one, either what was said or done. 🙂

A few pics after the jump – I will keep adding them as I find good ways to illustrate people. They are in no order, except that in which I locate them in my bazillion gazillion folders.

This photo is old, from a previous incident with a different person… but it illustrates the point beautifully:



And another:


And another:


And another:


And another:



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