Moscow doesn’t celebrate Catholic Christmas, which is not surprising.. but still a little sad.

To pass the time tonight, I have been painting.

It’s all pretty dreamy – snow, late night, I have one yellow lamp on the table, a few worn sketchbooks and pencils thrown about, a mug of tea and … EXCEPT I just took a big swig of dirty water from an old mug that I am using as a water container for PAINTING [THANK GOD I am painting with watercolor, which is about as harmless as you can get]… The mug was right next to my tea, which was next to my Vaio and iPhone. MASSIVE FAIL very closely avoided… but I am WALKING the razor sharp edge here.. RAZOR SHARP!

Besides fleeting shock, this made me wonder about the small idiocies of my life and the lives of those I love. Festive, right? Let’s call this the list of things that I would like to avoid doing in the next year…

So… The DAILY FELONIES. [The photos are what you would expect from someone {ie me} at 5am – erratic, unfocused, and wildly uninformative.. but also FUN]

FELONY#1 : Two mugs – one with tea one with dirty water. Confusion BOUND to happend. [see img. 1]

FELONY#2: Many liquids in open containers around many electronic devices. [see img.1 as well]


FELONY #3: Leaving an open/partially unwrapped bar of chocolate in the car in a warm climate, like California in the summer. [Ok, am I alone in this? If you leave chocolate and come back in a few hours, you will find a sweet mess! I’ve had this happend when the chocolate was in that little compartment in the side of the door – I would have gotten ants if I didn’t total the car!]

[Because I am such a good civilian: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zenac/2688061192/]


FELONY #4: Leaving a bottle of water in the car in a colder climate, like Moscow in the winter. [Two words – BRICK OF ICE]

FELONY #5: When making Turkish coffee [I don’t know how else to call this process! It’s actually a WAY of making coffee that is not necessarily turkish, and I am making Armenian coffee, which makes this expression sound THAT MUCH less appropriate.] Anyway. When making Turkish coffee, watching it VERY intently while it’s cooking, and at the LAST MOMENT turning to look out the window or what  not, and THAT VERY SECOND the coffee BOILS OVER.. and you have half of a cup of coffee left and a stove to wash. Early in the morning I find this apocalyptic. [see img.2]


FELONY #6: Liquid soap instead of fabric softener into the washing machine. [Two words – FOAM PARTY]

[I am a VERY good citizen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigbowl78/3122081995/ <– flickr gave me this for “foam party christmas”. Apparently in Singapore foam party=xmas spirit, and foam angels are all the rage. who knew?]



FELONY #7: This is MY felony, because I am 99% sure that other people simply do not care about this… but I like MY books to be systematically arranged. I love my books, I spend a lot of money on them, I drag them with me across the Atlantic and back, the least I can do is maintain some resemblance of order. [No, I don’t arrange them by size OR color.] Japanese classics with E.European moderns is murder!



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