I found this video on vimeo. [Today is VIDEO-DAY, because it took me a while to figure out how to embed them, and I am running wild with this newly acquired skill.]

So, another one:

It’s pretty amazing how quickly you can destroy things that at least in part compose your life!

I am a visual/tactile person, and I have accumulated TONS of old sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, scraps of paper, and other paper STUFF that I really DO want to keep as informational reference.. Although SCANNING everything would save SOME of the info, a lot of the other sensory detail would be lost forever!

A scanned Moleskin does NOT equal a real live Moleskin… it just doesn’t, no matter how dilligently digitalized! My Moleskins have torn edges, coffee and wine stains on the sides [you can only see them when you look at the SIDE of the notebook], and lots of various pieces of random things in the back pocket. The notebooks ALSO have a texture, a smell, sounds and functions [ex: paperweight, doorstop, convenient hard surface anywhere anytime]. The PHYSICALITY of these things can not be recaptured in pixels.

Imagine, this guy shredded everything shredable, including boxes!

What balls! A complete head-first plunge into a world that is 100% VISUAL.

Woe is us.


On a completely unrelated side note – this is my take on what summer FEELS like. I wish I could add smells to blog posts. This picture would smell like MY body lotion:



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