SIDE NOTE: The Russian Orthodox Church never adjusted the old calendar [the one without the leap years], so our Christmas and Easter and other religious holidays are TWO WEEKS later than the Catholics ones.
Russians like holidays A LOT, so besides the normal New Year we also celebrate the OLD New Year, even though it is not a religious holiday and technically has nothing at all to do with the old calendar. It’s not a huge celebration, without gifts and massive parties, however it is always NOTED and TOASTED.
Tonight is Old New Year’s Eve!


* * *

My normal NYE was good fun. Went to a little house with a sauna in an old park in the outskirts of Moscow [but INSIDE the city!!!! Who knew that this even exists! We didn’t have to drive out to someone’s dacha, but could run around in the snow and have a pretty “domestic” nye!] We ran around, screamed and yelled and sang and danced, and generated a lot of unorganized mayhem. It was alright at the time, and actually seems pretty fun in retrospect.

Everyone was too drunk to take decent photos, but Dasha managed to get a few that are alright.

Here’s what I looked like:

More after jump —–>

And here are some pics of the jolly masses:





linky link to Dasha’s album that has a couple more pics :: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/severnaya-i/album/63895/


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