I exported this blog, and got it into another site… and now I am facing a huge volume of information that I need to process before I will be able to do anything else.

It’s daunting, and exciting!

* * *
[unrelated tangents, predictions, plans, and a re-cap of 2008 in bullet format]

I am in a “suitcase mood”. Pretty soon I will be back on a plane, off to the States until summer. Hopefully I’ll find a job, and a logical way to migrate East, towards GSD or Columbia.

This year looks like it is going to be very different from the last one.

* * *

What I can say about 2008, in no particular order:

.. -1, I was slightly traumatized, but generally unharmed.
.. My project was published in a high profile Russian Arch magazine.
.. I learned how to draft fast, well, and do construction documents.
.. Travel: SF, Croatia [Zagreb, Split, Bol], Venice, Berlin, Suzdal’, Vladimir
[I lived primarily in Moscow].
.. Was massively disappointed by people four times.
.. Lost three friends – one because of a misunderstanding, another because of a mistake, and another because of miscommunication.
.. Kept more friends than I knew I had.
.. Learned to face my family in ways I could not before.
.. Tested myself for HIV for the first time in my life- I am HIV NEGATIVE.
.. Lost Buddha [not the eternal one, just the small plastic one that I carried around for a year too long]
.. Started wearing dresses.

Not-so-significant bits that define last year in my mind.


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