I am learning how to NOT forgive.

* * *
[misc thoughts ——> on on ]

failing at not forgiving.

I guess this is good.

* * *

went to yoga class for the first time in a year. I feel SO GOOD. My body is going to be lean and strong again! It’s a thrilling thought!

* * *

Metro sort of feels like being in utero… especially late at night. It’s quiet and calm, with a rhythmic heartbeat of motion. I like it. It’s a good place to think through complicated things.

* * *

I woke up at 6.30am today – tried to shift my schedule to EARLIER time. It was a bad, no, it was as AWFUL idea. I was MISERABLE and mentally worthless until about 3pm [when I wake up at 10-11a, I am in FULL FORCE AWAKE AWARENESS by noon]. I was also unhappy and listless for the entire day, except for the actual yoga class.

I am not doing that again.

* * *

Tried reading Nabokov – not feeling him right now.
Tried Kundera – definitely not.
Pavic – too much.
I already read all of Foster Wallace [which is unfortunate, with him being dead and all, because there won’t be any more books… of course I could always read Infinite Jest again]

Going to try Chekhov tonight. Will report back on how he was.

* * *

Trying to figure out how to upload a pretty theme into my blog. I am still in the phase of THINKING about it. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually DO IT, and then I will migrate everything THERE.

* * *


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