Reading a quasi-scientific book, and it is driving me UP THE WALL. It is factually limp, and the language is obscenely florid – literally excessive to the point of making the text difficult to read.

I am frustrated, because I have a hard time NOT reading books to the end, but I CAN NOT read this. It’s ridiculous. How can THREE self-respecting clinical psychologists publish this:

“Just where and how the early glimmers of intention coalesce, like glittering dust motes into the swirling jinni of action, remains beyond the ken of today’s science.”


The book is called “A General Theory of Love”. I think I must have opened it to the ONLY coherent page when I was flipping through it in the bookstore, which is why I bought it. It looked like it might be an interesting rant on the origin and nature of interpersonal emotions and affections.

[UPDATE – it’s not so bad. The refs, which are usually marked as normal footnotes, are just LISTED in the back next to a page number. The text gets more interesting around chapter 3 -mostly because it becomes more INFORMATIVE. I need to read it to the end to be able to comment anything else.]

oh, and I am also not able to upload a theme to my blog [YET!]. I will fucking do this… I have to!


When am I going to paint the bull?!


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