I like meeting new people, but most of them make me so sad lately…

Just met with a guy who was chaotically energetic about 10 years ago, but he was also unfocused. Consequently, he is NOW disappointed in what he has/has not achieved, and proceeded to lecture me on SLOWING my pace of life and FOCUSING on absorbing information better… keep in mind that this is someone who barely knows ME, let alone HOW I absord information.

This whole evening was drowned in mild, self-conscious disappointment.

I hope that this is just a passing phase, and he’ll get out of it SOON. This is not a way to live. The guy PAINFULLY need some raw FUN.

I need something refreshing.

I’m going to go eat a grapefruit.

here’s a pretty flickr.com pic (http://flickr.com/photos/lynnftw/2456241562/)


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