I live for unexpected encounters.

This is a photo by Bruno Torturra at Toad Hall in SF. This is also my new favorite picture of myself:


Bruno [who is a lovely, animated Brazilian journalist, currently hanging out in SF to write a book, and getting a few stories back to his magazine [TRIP] to justify his pay] was trying to interview Barlow [and Barlow is just BARLOW, Mr. Charisma and possibly my favorite human being in the world]. The intention of the evening was to get a somewhat focused Barlow interview [which, by the way, is like trying to get a waterfall into a funnel], and I came over with two bottle of Veuve to keep them company. We ended up just talking a lot, and then playing with these terrific laser gloves that Barlow made. When you shine the laser gloves into a tree, it just LIGHTS UP, like Christmas times a million.

It was a beautiful night.


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