I just came back from a whirlwind trip to Paris and Venice.

It was wonderful, dense, and life-reaffirming.

I think that this is growing up – I am finally able to look things and people straight in the eyes. This year, that has begun in utter hopeless hell, is resolving in much needed internal strength… The clarity that comes with definite priorities is exhilarating.

Paris reminded me that I have an extended family of people I love dearly – my best friend had a son in March, and he was the loveliest child I have ever met. It gave some understanding of what it means to have children. This was all unexpected, and sweet, and felt very right.

Venice was a breath of fresh air, a glass of fresh blood in Architecture… it reminded me why I decided that Architecture (which has become more of a sickness or obsession than a job) is the path for me. It also made me think of the few people in the very beginning, when my determination was weak and my mental purpose undefined, made me believe that building shit is the single coolest thing that I could be doing with my life… WO, KP, EP, in that chronological order, you gave me hope and will to do what I do. In some ways, who set me on a path that fully describes who I am today. For this – I thank you!


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